Account of the chicago fire of 1871

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The Great Chicago Fire

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The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

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Great Chicago Fire

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Jul 14,  · The account of the fire in the Chicago Tribune stated in part: “It has come to complete in part the work left undone inand to scoop out of existence another broad belt of wooden buildings which menaced the new structures which have sprung up in.

The Great Chicago Fire of killed nearly people, lefthomeless, destroyed over $ million worth of property, and leveled the entire central business district of the city. The.

The fire of October might have been a blessing in disguise for a city that wanted badly to be a player on the international cultural scene. This is a love story set in Chicago inwhen the great fire burned most of the city.

Chicago History Timeline

The two main characters, Katina and Russell, are wonderful. The Great Chicago Fire of killed nearly people, lefthomeless, destroyed over $ million worth of property, and leveled the entire central business district of the city. The Great Chicago Fire first entered the web of memory through the senses of those who experienced it first-hand--who gaped at its brilliance, choked on its smoke, shuddered at .

Account of the chicago fire of 1871
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