Challenges to political parties

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What are political parties?

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Thinking about Civil Society and Political Parties: Challenges for Development Assistance

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NORRIS –IDEA STRENGTHENING PARTIES 1/5/ PM 3 1. Executive summary This report is designed to provide an overview of the contemporary literature comparing the role of political parties in good governance and democratization, to aid International IDEA’s program of research and dialogue.

Political Parties: Old Concepts and New Challenges

Parties - we have all been to them. There are so many themes and types, but we don't all have time to go to them all. The two political parties are a lot like the two giants of the cola world, Coke and Pepsi. Although each wants to win, they both recognize that it is in their mutual interest to keep a third cola from gaining significant market share.

Coke and Pepsi, many people have argued, conspire to keep any competitor from gaining ground. Sep 09,  · Since the general election, the ruling party has intensified its repression over political parties especially on those that advocate Ethiopian nationalism, journalists, bloggers and practically anyone considered to be a threat to its power.

Challenges to democracy testing the nerves of it’s common man those who understand what it means to run a political system of a political parties don’t have many in their ranks.

Political parties are essential institutions of democracy. By competing in elections parties offer citizens a choice in governance, and while in opposition they can hold governments accountable.

When citizens join political parties, volunteer their time, donate money and vote for their leaders, they are exercising their basic democratic rights.

Challenges to political parties
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Environmental & Political Challenges to Human Progress