How to throw a party

Throw a Thrifty Spa Party

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How to Throw An Afternoon Tea Party

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How to Throw a White Party

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How to throw a fun, zero waste Halloween party

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Here are some ideas for throwing the Botox party of the year: Choose a comfortable location: You may choose to host your Botox party at a spa, at home or at any other party venue. You could have it at a private club or restaurant or throw a garden party. Whether you're inviting the entire neighborhood for cocktails, celebrating your child's birthday or planning a fe^te for 50, throwing a great party requires panache and lots of planning.

As host, your task is to create a mood--relaxed, elegant, festive or wild--that carries through every aspect of the party. Make your Christmas Party a night to remember with these Amazing Ideas that will help ROCK the night and make it one to remember!!! I remember the first year the Hubs and I threw a Christmas party for our friends, I was stressed out of my mind.

This is also the time to put together a list for which party supplies that you would like to purchase. Balloons, streamers, plates, and a piñata are just a few examples that your guests will find exhilarating. Mermaid party favors are fairly easy to throw together. Bubbles and strings of plastic pearls are both simple, affordable party favors, as are little baggies of goldfish crackers.

One of our favorite ideas, however, is pictured below.

How to throw a party
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