Killing animals immoral

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The Moral Status of Animals

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Mar 14,  · However, in the real world we have created a real system in which billions of animals are housed, fed, medicated, and finally slaughtered in a wholly unnatural and massively damaging way, both to ourselves, the planet and the environment. Killing Animals – Unethical and Immoral.

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Why is killing animals for food is wrong or immoral?

Man has forever hounded animals. Early man hunted animals for food and then later, for the animal’s fur to keep warm and stay alive in the winter. Killing Animals Immoral?

Animal experimentation has been a major debate in the national community since the s, and has grown immensely since then. The debate has many views, which three of will be expressed in this paper. Mar 23,  · Killing animals for food is not wrong or immoral.

The human race has been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years and other animals have been doing it for a lot longer than that. The whole of nature is a game of kill or be Open. favor of killing animals and then we will present counter-arguments against them.

So, starting from the first argument in discussion, this can be codified with the phrase “animals have no rights” or “the concept of rights is meaningless”. Why is killing fellow humans usually considered immoral?

Update Cancel. ad by EverQuote. Self-interest dictates that the act of killing other humans be immoral for all humans.

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k Views · View Upvoters. you are killing a rational animal that has a conscousness. Killing animals for food is ok because they have no rationality, morals.

Killing animals immoral
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