Raphael a personification of high renaissance

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Art History: Italian High Renaissance

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Raphael is only a Christian name, the full name being Raphael (Raffaele) Santi (Sanzio is an absolutely incorrect form). His father, Giovanni Santi, held an important but indefinite post at the Court of Urbino. The School of Athens is a famous fresco by the artist balmettes.com was painted during the Italian Renaissance between and The picture is known as "Raphael's masterpiece and the perfect embodiment of the classical spirit of the High Renaissance".

Vatican frescoes by Raphael, an Italian High Renaissance painter, with commentary. Raphael. Raphael is one of the most famous artists of High Renaissance and one of the greatest influences in the history of Western art.

‣ The personification of Justice is holding, as her symbols, weighing scales and a sword. A ristotle is earthly; Plato, otherworldly. The thinkers are secular, but the architecture is Christian. The greatest High Renaissance artists—Michelangelo, Leonardo, Bramante—merge with the.

Raphael Timeline A Chronology of Raffaello Sanzio's Life. Share Flipboard Email Print Updated March 06, When we speak of the golden boys in art history, it's understood that Italian High Renaissance Master Raphael () lives in the rarefied air of 24K super-stardom. Explore the Art of the High Renaissance in Italy.


Raphael a personification of high renaissance
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